Something resembling a philosophy

When we started Two Eggs, it was just a simple idea. We wanted to make a thing and so we figured out how to get it done. This thing took hold of our hearts, so we decided we should build a brand around it, a brand that could encompass multiple creative expressions of our personalities, feelings, and opinions. 

We began considering what it might mean to create a "collection". Not necessarily in the high-fashion sense, but certainly in the way that all the items fit together to tell a story. After thinking long and hard about our style mantras, we came to the following... 

Two Eggs is about good design, good style, and good times. We make clothes for the woman who has fun with her clothes, the woman who searches for original pieces to find exactly the thing that speaks to her, the woman who loves old just as much as new, and the woman who loves mixing and matching, always creating a look with just the right essence for the occasion. Our clothes are for the woman who walks into the room with confidence - chin up - but then isn't afraid to drop it low on the dance floor. 

Each Two Eggs collection will play with a few variables: a core message/vibe/feeling/theme, a symbolic design feature, a texture or characteristic of fabric, and a distinct color palette. We love vintage clothes and hip hop music so expect heavy influences from each side.

For example, the first collection we're working on is the Girl Gang collection. It promotes the ideal that all women benefit when we team up and support each other as boss ladies, the symbol of choice being a dollar sign. The fabric characteristic we're playing with is sheerness, giving a subtle hint to the sexy figure underneath the clothes, helping all of us embrace our "pussy power". The color palette is a ballet pink and a light robin-egg blue, paying homage to the two key colors chosen to represent the sexes, creating just enough contrast to keep things interesting. 

As we move forward, we will shift and change and grow and alter our aesthetic, but these are the things that we will look to always align with at each step of the way.

Two Eggs is:

Style, but not Fashion

Playful, but not Ditzy

Whimsy, but not Cheesy

Pretty, but not Dainty

Assertive, but not Bitchy

Chic, but not Serious

Witty, but not Goofy

Structured, but not Rigid

Embellished, but not Tacky

Thank you for being a friend. We appreciate everyone's early support!