Music Monday - Tei Shei - Bassically

Holy cow guys, in the excitement of yesterday's feature release on the LoDown that I completely forgot to post my #musicmonday!!! WOW. That hasn't happened yet, and it sucks that it happened, but you guys forgive me, right?

This week, I'm featuring Tei Shei. As our music contributor Christian states,

Tei Shi is a Brooklyn based bad ass. Her dazey vocals make my unshaved leg hair stand straight up. If I am being honest, the stimulating melody pushes me to try harder and feel harder because I'm worth it. Maybe I sound like a L'Oréal commercial but for real this track brings out my "Maybe I'm Born With it" attitude. #tryme

In this video, Tei Shei kills the whole army-inspired look and comes off as someone who just might hurt you if you try to f*ck with her and her crew. #GirlGang vibes so strong. 

Hope you enjoy this vid as much as we do!