Two Eggs Update: December 2016

When I created Two Eggs, I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to be, but I was compelled to create something. I was inspired to create products that told stories, that inspired people to be creative, and to be true to themselves. With the launch of the Girl Gang collection, I did just that. The response was overwhelming and immediate and I felt like I was finally building something I could be proud of. Girl Gang worked because the timing was right. I was responding to a conversation that was happening out in the world and then making it my own. The designs came so organically. They were appearing to me everywhere: on the train, in my sleep, at work. It was amazing. I had never felt so connected to my creativity in such a productive way before. It was amazing to have an idea and then just go do it. That is when I really fell in love with Two Eggs. And then, you guys all responded so positively to what I was creating and putting out into the world. You encouraged me to trust my creative instincts and helped me build the confidence I needed to really value my own ideas. I finally felt like I was finding “my people”. I finally had a home for all my quirk, all my energy, and all my blood, sweat, and tears.


For as much as I was really enjoying creating dope stuff over the past year and a half, I honestly hadn’t decided yet what I wanted Two Eggs to be. Was it going to be a platform for me to create art and share it? Was it an accessories business? Was it a content platform? Was it an online community? Was it just a cool thing to say I worked on? For once, I didn’t force myself into any one of these categories and just kind of let Two Eggs evolve on its own. It was important to me that I gave myself the space creatively to play and try and learn. I had an inkling that Two Eggs could become a legit business, but I really didn’t want to “force it” out of fear that it would stop being fun, and I would lose interest, like many hobbies I have lovingly left in the dust.

When I released the Slow n Steady collection, I did it more with the intention of selling products rather than really sharing a message. I’m not sure if you guys could tell, but it felt different this time. It felt sort of forced to me. Less authentic. And for someone that really preaches authenticity, I wasn’t that into it. I was trying to turn Two Eggs into a “brand” when it didn’t have to be. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to turn Two Eggs into a business and I wasn’t even convinced I wanted that.

When I first started Two Eggs, I remember thinking that in the immediate I wasn’t really that concerned with making money. I wanted a place to express myself that I could share with like-minded people. I kept saying, “...maybe in 5 years, I’ll be able to pay myself from it, but that’s not really what I’m out to do right now”. When I would say this to people. they would nod politely and give me a pretty confused look, generally puzzled by the fact that I was doing something that maybe wasn’t going to make money...ever. When they would ask what my actual intention was, I would say some version of “...creative myself….create community….inspire others…” and then probably change the subject.


If you don’t know me outside of Two Eggs, you might not know that Two Eggs is my side side hustle. By day, I work in operations at an up and coming beauty innovation company, and by night, I consult fashion and beauty brands on their marketing. I kept explaining to my friends and work buddies about how my consulting work and job-job were so separate and different from Two Eggs. Two Eggs was in a (adorable) little compartment over there, and the rest of my life and identity stayed over here in the other section of my brain. That totally seemed to work until it became too difficult to do it all. I burnt out. Like...out. Hardcore. Back in January of 2016, I had two of the most stressful weeks of my life thus far. I was working ten hour days and then going to the studio to fill a massive custom order for Two Eggs’ first corporate client. I also had 3 consulting projects going on at the same time and of course, everything was due on the same exact day. It was incredible and horrible and terrifying and I just did not feel like myself at all. When I got in a cab to go home after a late studio night, basically sleep-walking, the driver and I had a loooong conversation about hustle and how it’s so important to push yourself and to really put in the work, but you’ve got to remember to take care of yourself too. It’s cool to take a break every once in awhile. You need it and deserve it. Remember how the collection I was working on at that time was called “Slow n Steady”? Lol. The irony is not lost on me.

It was then that I started to finally sort out what Two Eggs is. It’s not an accessories company. It’s a platform. I’m not trying to make a million dollars real quick, I’m trying to slowly build a community around expressing yourself. It’s my personal brand. It’s authentic. It’s simple.

So now, it’s time to figure out how to do that - keep it simple, grow the platform, and inspire people. The message and the content seems to be what really resonates with you guys, so I’m planning to continue pushing that message forward, commenting on what’s happening in the world, and promoting self-expression. You’ll see this happen on the blog and instagram.

You’ll also start to see more stuff about my life outside of Two Eggs. I live and breathe the message every minute of every day, and I am so excited to bring you into that. My hope is that sharing this type of content still manages to promote the idea that you are original and awesome and you bring your own uniqueness to everything you do.


Hi, it's me!

Hi, it's me!

And the products... they’re not going anywhere, so don’t panic if you’ve been waiting to place an order. I still have a bunch of inventory from both Girl Gang (Money Bags!) and Slow n Steady (Yin Yang Socks!) and will continue to release new stuff as I come up with ideas. I’m not planning on doing another big collection with a whole lookbook and stuff again any time soon, but I still want to stay authentic to myself and keep making stuff. I mean, that’s what got me into this thing in the first place.

I really wanted to share this update (nearly a year later) because I am excited to have finally come to a decision. I had intentionally taken a break from instagram and posting to the blog/site so I could really think about. And for the most part, nothing really will change for you guys. There will still be dope content, a firrrreeee instagram, and cute products, just less of everything. And for those of you that know me personally, you’ll notice a little shift in how I present myself on the internet, in general. I’m planning to combine a lot of my other stuff into Two Eggs so everything will be in one place and will really represent the full picture of who I am and what I’m up to.

So far, I’ve released two collections, tons of blog content, and built one very dope instagram feed. I’ve made so many new friends and have collaborated with incredibly talented people on really cool shit. I honed in on my values and my voice and learned to say YES to me and my ideas. Two Eggs had become an amazing conversation starter and I am SO proud of what I have created thus far.

Thank you for being here and for all your love and support.

It’s only the beginning.

- Lisa