Links of da week! Mindy Kaling, conscious MAKEup, internet girl feuds, Lenny, and Outdoor Voices X MR!

Welcome to our fave links of the week. This week, as usual, there's all kinds of "girl news" and other things that we find inspiring. Here are a few of our fave things!

Mindy Kaling's Guide to Killer Confidence

As always, Mindy NAILS this essay. Moral of the story: confidence comes from earning it. Work hard and you'll earn your confidence. It's okay to be nervous and be scared. Actually, it's great! Embrace those feelings and get to work. We can't wait to read her new book (available for preorder right neowww).

Brand Obsession: MAKE beauty

We're big on makeup, especially when it's done this well. MAKE was brought to our attention by one of our fave #girlboss helmed companies, Birchbox. After reading more about the company's social good mission, drooling over their beautiful design/branding, and trying out some products, we're now hooked and picked up some new goodies this week. You'll be seeing us try them out in the vlog next week. We love MAKE.

Nikki Minaj X Taylor Swift X Miley X Beyonce???

It's probably in very poor taste to be posting this video here, but it actually made us LOL, and we thought you would enjoy it.  This video is intended to be a joke, so try to appreciate it as such! This feud isn't even real. Taylor and Nikki are chill now (according to twitter) and all of the women in the video are our IDOLS. If we can't make fun of ourselves, then what's the point? 

Lenny: Lena Dunham's new Newsletter

Lena Dunham: writer, actress, feminist, smarty-pants. We love her for being unabashedly herself and for sticking up for all of us. Lenny, the newsletter she's starting with Jenni Konner, promises to be chock-full of goodies that we can all enjoy. Go sign up now. 

Outdoor Voices x Man Repeller is here!

Two cheers for great collaborations! Outdoor Voices is already killing the fitness game by making workout clothes that are not cheesy (ahem..neon) and don't suck (ahem..not created by an old man). Now they've gone and broken the internet with their MR collabo kit, the first of many to come, we guess. Also, at only $250 for the whole set, you get to dress like MR without needing the bank account to match. Cosign.

More links of da week next Friday! Make sure to follow us on Insta to see what we're up to in the meantime (kissy face emoji).