Studio Shoot with Bada$$ Ballerina Maxine Hupy

Funny story: I met today's model when I was just 14 years old. We were both spending the summer dancing at Pacific Northwest Ballet and she and I bonded immediately over dirty jokes and rap music. Fast forward to now, more than 10 years later, and she and I have reconnected thanks to this crazy thing called social media. You see, Maxine Hupy has spent the last few years totally dominating the dance world through her mesmerizing ballet videos. Her mission is to get ballet more entrenched into mainstream culture, especially the hip hop world. Whatever it is that she's doing, it's working.

When Maxine told me she was coming to visit NYC soon, I jumped at the opportunity to dress her up in Two Eggs and have her show off her ballet moves in my new studio. 

Here are a few (completely unedited) pics from our shoot. More to come soon! 

Special thanks to our photographer Andrew Keyser for being a trooper and a badass.