Music Monday - FKA Twigs - Glass & Patron

Holy fashion-dancing! Everything about this video is visually inspiring. I don't really know how to Vogue, but I'm sure as hell going to learn now. The FASHION! FASHUN! FAJJUUUNNNNNN! Couture/runway/makeup/people expressing themselves through dance. I can't compose real sentences this video has me so hyped, so here's Christian's take.

This bitch. FKA Twigs breaks it down, hard. The song is similar to an acid trip, I mean glass and patron, sounds like last Friday night. Her gang in this video is completely mezmorizing. Makes me want to dye my hair blue or something to fit in.

Go practice your runway walk and fan kicks RIGHT NOW.

Music Monday - Leyya - Superego

If you're looking for the next song you'll be addicted to, this might just be it. 

Christian nails it when she explains her obsession:

I played this song once and then played it again 27 times in one day. It brought me up and down at the same time. thats why i love music. I simultaneously get to be happy, emo, strong, tired, skinny, thirsty and lost. 

Hope this song fills all your Monday emotional needs. Get after it, ladies!

Music Monday - Ciara - Dance Like We're Making Love

First and foremost, Ciara's look on this album cover is everything out little dancewear-loving hearts desire. She's got a WHITE TURTLENECK LEOTARD on plus legwarmers?! Heaven. Her body is not human and we can say with confidence that FUTURE FCKD UP SO BAD. Sry dude, your loss. 

From Christian, our music God:

Holy pheromones! Ciara slays in this steamy video. Reminds me of that moment when you feelin' yourself and there's no turning it off because why should you? Go out there and get what you want, in this case some love making.

Do you today. Love your body, whatever it looks like, and take over the world!

Music Monday - Alicia Keys - 28 Thousand Days

I think Christian really says it best when she says:

oh em gee HAAAY ALICIA KEYS! missed you girl. With lyrics like "I'm telling you that life's too short to just throw it away" Alicia knows there is more than just watered down vodka sodas or warm beer. This track reminded me that after a long day of hustlin' I deserve that Two Eggs clutch I've been eyein'.

Hope your Monday is full of hustle and flow and lots of soul.

Music Monday - Giorgio Moroder - I Do This For You

This song is FIRE. In the words of our music correspondent, Christian:

Okay we get it Giorgio Moroder. You got tired of Donna Summer, chilled for 30 years, and then come out with a delicious pop album. I heard this song at a spin class recently and I almost peddled out of the class onto Broadway. The sick beat and sharp vocals remind me how nice it is to have someone in your life that pushes you, etc. In my single, I-N-D-E--P-E-N-D-E-N-T scenario, I Do It For my latest Tinder crush. 


Music Monday - MIA x GENERATION - The New International Sound Pt. II

TALK ABOUT GIRL GANG FEELS! This video is doooooooooope. These ladies are badass. Everything is good and alright and OK and yay. 

In the words of our music correspondent, Christian Crouse:

This DOPE M.I.A track really makes the bad bitch inside me fly free. Walking down the street or sitting in the back of an UBER, I feel like everyone is my bitch. Maybe it's my current caffeine overdose but when this track comes on, watch yourself. The video features 36,000 Shaolin Tagou students from the biggest fighting school in China so if that doesn't pump you up then go see your doctor.

Happy Monday folks!

Music Monday - Kali Uchis - Know What I Want

It's Music Monday mavens! This is our first week featuring a song selected by our music contributor, Christian Crouse. Each week, Christian sends me a song recommendation and a little blurb about why she loves it. I'm literally going to copy-paste her description here because no one says it better than Christian herself. 

This week Christian picked Know What I Want by Kali Uchis. Here's what she has to say about it:

"Ooooooh girl. At first I was like who dis? Now I'm like WATCH ME DO ME. Kali Uchis gets it. Even if you don't know what you want, this track reminds me to figure it out. Take the time to figure out what you want and fucking get it. Stay ahead of the game with this floaty track."

Thanks for tuning in! Check back next Monday for another song of da week!