How Katie Corcoran Stopped Hustling and Started Living

My entire life, I have always had a plan, a goal to reach and a mission to fulfill. I was always eyeing the "next step," the next promotion, raise, next group to join, internship to obtain, athletic class to master, and more. 

And, you know what?! It worked. I saw successes I should still be in awe of to this day.

By the time I was 27, I co-produced a music video, worked in the eCommerce department at a huge jewelry brand, was a hostess in a trendy NYC restaurant for a period of time, went to a lifestyle coaching school, started a direct sales business, grew at a tech-startup company by beginning in their account management department, creating a strategy and planning department, and eventually began securing large partnerships by selling the product as well. Then, "on the side," I launched a career/passions coaching business and wrote a personal development book featuring other "do-it-all"-types called She Makes It Work

Katie Corcoran modeling in the Two Eggs Slow n Steady Lookbook. Katie is a career coach and the author of She Makes it Work.

I am a ultimate Lady Hustler. There’s no doubt about it.

Katie Corcoran modeling the Money Bag in the Two Eggs Slow n' Steady lookbook. Photo by Higor Bastos.

But hustling comes with an expense. If you are (or were) anything like me, the "accomplishments" never really felt worthy of a celebration. I often thought, "yes, this is all fine and dandy, but I just have so much to do, places to go, and a gagillion emails in my inbox so thanks so much, but I'm busy and got to run!" 

Living in the moment was just a mere aspiration of mine. The practice of actually LIVING didn't mean squat until I reached a point many of us passion-seeking, always-on-your-email-types experience when we're burnt the eff out. And that was in my last advertising sales job. 

The negative pressures were softly killing my spirit. I felt anxious on my commute to work. I was losing hair. I felt like I was in a constant state of "doing something wrong," when really I was obsessing over an unrealistic view of my own perfectionism. My health suffered. I lost sleep. I became caught up in the day-to-day social BS existing in my workplace and I was just generally unhappy during the work week. 

Outside of work, however, I felt amazing. The incredible thing about being a Lady Hustler is that we are figure-it-out-er-ers. I knew the piled up anxiety wasn't sustainable long-term so I had to make a change. I could no longer fall victim to my career surroundings. 

During that "ah ha" period, I wanted to figure out why some people thrive daily, and why others continue to let their own unfulfilling cycles spin right round, baby right round, without making a positive change. 

So I got myself well. Wrote a book about how Lady Hustlers "make it work," and I quit my job to career coach job seeking women to prevent then from experiencing this slump in their own lives. 

And for the first time in my life, I am currently living my version of enough. I am more happy today taking a spin class, sipping on a latte, coaching people and enjoying time with my loved ones than I ever was making more money and frantically spending it on frivolous things. 

Whether I have $20 or $200 in my bank account, I realized those dolla dolla bills y'all will fly out of my hand like no one's biz-ness so why not spend my precious time, slowing down, living now and truly loving the now?

While I will always be a hustler and find joys in productivity and accomplishment, I have learned how to slow my roll and truly value the experiences in life... sans many of the "things" I thought I needed to feel happy. 

I now have the time to celebrate a book launch (and sales, WTF, so cool!?), feel proud when a new person is interested to work with me, and have become a master of a good "disconnect." And surprisingly, in the end I am actually more productive now because I truly love what I do. 

Katie Corcoran wearing the Slow Down Scarf from the Two Eggs Slow n Steady collection. Katie is an entrepreneur and lady-hustler and the author of a book called She Makes it Work.

Katie Corcoran is a Career Coach and author of the personal development book She Makes It Work: A DIY Guide to Thrive in Your Hustle which profiles busy "on-the-go"-types {aka the Lady Hustlers} on how they master work/life balance. Katie's coaching includes guiding multi-passionate job seeking woman on how to set themselves up for career happiness and success. She is also a master brand identity maven and enjoys creating a brand strategy for individuals and businesses. For for information, or to contact Katie, visit